the DO GOOD Project

"Doing God's Good Deeds for the Needy, Homeless and touching the lives of those affected by Cancer"

Our organization started out doing repairs for people who could not afford it or were not physically able to do it themselves. Last year a friend and now a board member, Karen Squyres developed breast cancer. She will be sharing her story on this website. Once she went into remission and began to grow her hair back, she wanted to have a Wig Party, She  is crazy like that! We had that party and it was a blast! She called to thank me the next day, and wanted to share an idea that we could do that annually. We could raise money and give it to one of the cancer foundations. We put that idea on steroids!! We incorporated The Do Good Project and formed a nonprofit organization. We will now have fund raisers throughout the year and have a Wig Party for our grand finale! The funds we raise will go directly to local cancer patients. Applications will be reviewed and those that qualify, we will pay some or all of the bills they have directly to the doctor or medical facility. We hope you will join us on this incredible mission!

Our Team

Lee O. Savage - CEO and President

Cynthia Brooks - Treasurer

Candy Cash - Secretary

Karen Squyres - Board member

Debbie Wingard - Board member

Sonia Havens - Board member